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Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Backpacking sleeping bags are one of the most important necessities when you are setting out on an outdoor hiking or camping. The obvious advantage of having an efficient sleeping bag is that you can sleep comfortably at night and wake up fresh the next morning. No one would want to remain awake at night and be sleepy the next day ruining the enjoyment for you and the others. An ideal bag for sleeping should be one which is durable, versatile and comfortable to carry around. The fact that in most of your outdoor trips, you would be either accompanied by your family or your friends calls in for the need to purchase bags for sleeping for people of different age groups and likings.

There is nothing better for a freedom lover than backpacking. It is the ultimate dream being outside and at one with nature, there is so much to take in - walking about on the rough terrain, the unpredictable weather and also coming across bugs. The experienced backpacker will have left nothing to chance, be well prepared for just about everything as one slip up can make the simplest trip a dangerous one at that. This doesn't mean that they are afraid of getting hurt, but the thought of not being able to get about in nature to enjoy it and the views it offers. Special attention is paid to all aspects of the type of gear that they need to bring for their trip.

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Spending the night out in the wilderness can be comfortable if you bring along with you and your friends quality backpacking sleeping bags. The sleeping-bags are designed to aid you rest and recover your energy while you sleep comfortably. They are available with different models with variety of optional features. Technically, the bag provides warmth and coziness during the nights of camping and hiking. An essential part of the gear that a backpacker needs to consider bringing is a good sleeping bag. An excellent sleeping bag must be ideal for the backpacker to carry. It should be lightweight, easy enough to stow away and carry, to ensure a good night's sleep. What determines this will take some thought and research, looking at one's preferences, so that it's relatively easy to decide on the right choice of bag.

I can design this content with full of information about backpack sleeping bag. You will find top ten backpack sleeping bag models with a complete review. After that I can give you a proper buyer guideline which one is help you to buy the best quality sleeping bag. For knowing all those things please follow the entire content.

When shopping for sleeping bags for used in a camping environment, your first concern is to select one that will keep you comfortable and able to get a good night's sleep. That usually means keeping you warm and since sleeping bags are designed for specific temperature ranges it is a simple process to select one that is rated to keep you warm at the coldest temperature you expect to encounter. Sleeping bags are an essential part of your camping equipment. They function well in the tent or outside. They are very light and compress to a small size so they are easy to carry if you are backpacking. I can recommend you this Hyke & Byke Shavano-32 F Ultra-light Mummy Down model sleeping bag designs for backpacking.

Better design with stability

The first impression of the Hyke sleeping bag and Byke Mummy is quite similar to other bags in momic style. In fact, you might not think it’s something special at first glance, but the Hyke and Byke sleeping bag has an extremely functional design. This will make you really feel a mummy when you squeeze into this comfortable but comfortable sleeping bag. The bag has a double zipper, which allows it to zip and unzip it up or down, which facilitates entry and exit. Individuals can also empty the top zipper. This way, there is no chance of closing the zipper while you sleep overnight. Overall, the design of this sleeping bag offers maximum comfort and warmth when most needed.

Shavano-32 F Ultra-light Mummy Down model sleeping bag is designs with durable structure. The duck is not damaged when it is compressed into the material bag. The bag is made of 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric, which is an extremely durable material. The Ripstop fabric is woven together in a crochet pattern, which makes it tear resistant. The 20 D seam does not have the highest fiber density, but it is still quite strong. As a general rule, 20 D are strong enough to prevent the seams from spreading, while reducing the weight of the sleeping bag. However, there have been many problems with the YKK zippers. Many customers have had problems with the zipper blocked. It is possible that the zipper is blocked so often because the teeth are not wide enough.

Keep you warm

If you are an individual who is hiking or camping in cold climates, you need a sleeping bag that will keep you warm. However, if you are camping in warmer climates, you need a sleeping bag that will not burn you during the night either. The Ultra-light Mummy sleeping bag provides a good balance designed for hikers and campers who have to use it every season. Although it is not built for freezing temperatures, it is designed to keep people warm on nights that can be as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Made with duck, this sleeping bag is washed, providing a good layer of insulation. There are also some additional features that allow blocking the heat on cold nights. With a foot box at the bottom of the sleeping bag, there are several cords that can be pulled to tighten the bag and keep the heat trapped around the shoulders and face. There are reports that this sleeping bag has failed to keep people warm once temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. There are even reports that this bag can’t handle a climate of 50 degrees. However, a random manufacturer defect or insufficient bag breakdown could be the problem. The majority of individuals have no worry about staying warm in colder climates. Some have even reported that when they wore multiple layers, this sleeping bag kept them in colder climates than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light-weight design

Many sleeping bags that can be used all year and claim to be lightweight, are not lightweight. Often, they still weigh about 4 pounds. Many customers didn’t prefer the Ultra-light Mummy Ultra-light Sleeping Bag because of the fact that 3-season sleeping bags can be even lighter weight. However, this sleeping bag is very close to being ultra light. The regular size weighs only 2.09 pounds and the long waist weighs only 2.44 pounds. Therefore, both sizes weigh less than 2.5 pounds. Maybe 2.5 pounds looks a lot like a weight when you have to carry other equipment, but considering that this bag can keep you warm in climates as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s definitely worth it.



  • Long lasting durable sleeping bag
  • Extreme light-weight design
  • Five color options
  • Reasonable price
  • Offering with life time warranty
  • Create noise during go into the bag

The shape of the sleeping bag you choose may depend upon whether you will be camping near your vehicle or backpacking your tent and sleeping bag to your campsite. Camping bags have enough space than backpacking bags and provide greater comfort. Backpacking bags are often the down filled variety along with therefore weighing less and are usually of the mummy bag design. Most rectangular shape bags can zipped together to form one large sleeping bag, as long as the zippers are compatible. You can buy left and right zipper models for this particular purpose. With two mummy bags it's a little trickier to zip them together, but it is still possible. Rectangular bags are popular with some because they can be converted to a quilt and provide a lot of room to move around. Top quality sleeping backpack bags have mesh otherwise fabric bottoms through all the insulation on the top of the bag, relying on a sleeping pad to provide insulation. Now I can show you this Outdoor vitals summit 0°F premium down sleeping bag.


Outdoor Vitals premium down sleeping bag offers adventurers the most comfortable as well as restful night by Summit 0 Degree down sleeping bag. Outdoor vitals sleeping bag uses the premium 800+ fill power down and the most lightweight rip-stop fabric to maximize the warmth and comforts. One can listed as a best hiking sleeping bag. The 800 fill power down internal filling is designed for warmth along with compatibility while rip-stop fabric external shell is for moisture resistance and long-term durability. In addition, the YKK Zippers is treated through a durable water repellent agent to double the warmth and durability. Also the hanging hooks are convenient and useful used for storage. That best down sleeping bag only weighs 2.8-lbs, and the compressed size is about 11 x 8 x 8 inches, so this compact sleeping bag is easy to carry around and won’t take up too much space, make sure you a relaxed and enjoyable campaign or trip. It comes with a compression bag and a lifetime warranty. Another fantastic feature of this inflatable bag is its affordability. Outdoor Vitals pursues direct-to-consumer pricing, hoping every one can have the most comfortable sleeping bag by the relatively low cost. It is one of the best choices for any category of weather condition.



  • Can keep you warm through a 28° night in a tent
  • Sleeping bag material is waterproof indeed
  • Weight and volume are light and can carry easily
  • Light-weight design
  • It can packed and compressed well
  • It can use only for those below six feet tall
  • Price is pretty much high

Whether your choice of sleeping bags is down-filled or synthetic, rectangular or mummy shaped, a necessary accessory is the ground pad. Not only will a pad keep those rocks, roots and other impediments from spoiling your sleep, it will insulate you from the chill or dampness of the ground beneath your sleeping bag. In fact, if you are car camping or only packing your camp supplies a short distance you may even want to consider an inflatable air mattress. From someone who has spent many weeks tent camping getting a good night's sleep is critical for an enjoyable camping experience. In this time I can recommend you Sleeping Bag Envelope light-weight portable, waterproof and comfortable backpack with compression sack.


Price always plays the major rule for buy any stuff or product. Many customers try to consider with quality for their minimum budget. But it may cause for get low quality stuff. After a broad research I can confidently telling you about low cost backpack sleeping bag. In the market, you will find remarkable low price sleeping bag. My recommended Sleeping Bag Envelope light-weight portable, waterproof and comfortable backpack with compression sack offering you below fifty dollars price tag.



  • Comes in easy designs that can be cleaned with no fuss
  • Easy to pack and light-weight
  • It is easy to maintain and clean
  • Remarkable low price range
  • Suitable for extreme temperature limits
  • Some customer complain about quality

There are several different things to think about when you are deciding on which type of campaign sleeping bag to buy. You may hear about synthetic, down and backpacking sleeping bags, but which one is really the best. One of the first things you need to take into consideration when choosing a warm bag is your body size. The slumber bag needs to be a little larger than your body, without too much space between the bag and your body. That space between the two is where the warm air is trap, which keeps you warm. A mummy shaped bag is best for cold weather camping also a rectangular shape is best designed for warmer weather camping. Now I can give you another model of backpack sleeping bag and that is sleeping bag (47F/38F) light-weight campaign sleeping bag with compression sack.

Light-weight design with life time warranty

Light-weight is one of the main considerations before buying a sleeping bag. Without light-weight you may not feel comfort during using as well carry your sleeping bag. Most of the sleeping bag manufacturer offers the low weight bag. But you must careful about the quality of that sleeping bag. You will also get life time warranty along with this sleeping bag.



  • 210T Polyester with extra soft surface
  • Super important to keep your valuables safe
  • Water repellent and durable shell
  • Affordable price range
  • Super comfortable quick dry liner
  • Sometimes it makes noise during use

So, if you already buy all necessary hunting or campaign gadget. Now you need a sleeping bag. There are about as many sleeping bags to choose from as there are backpacks, but it's an essential piece of gear for backpacking in the wilderness or even somewhere locally. But choosing a sleeping bag can be time consuming, much the same as buying a hunting bag or binocular, but here's some info that may help you in your decision. In this content you will find all of these. Now I am suggesting you this kelty Tuck 22 degree sleeping bag.


The latest model Kelty Tuck 22 Degree sleeping bag offers a variety of remarkable features such as the ThermaPro synthetic insulation which is a blend of fiber specifically built toward retain warmth in cold conditions its performance do better than that of every other synthetic insulation system on the market, as it provides easy maintenance, softness, also guaranteed warmth intended for several years of usage.

That amazing ThermaPro synthetic insulation will give outstanding insulation in wet conditions, therefore suggesting the Tuck 22 to be a perfect sleeping bag designed for wet adventures also damp climates. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree sleeping bag could simply confused with a full down, due to the incredible warmth it bring its users. However, this insulation system improves pack ability.



  • Durable 75D polyester withstands rough campgrounds
  • Media pocket stashes your phone or headlamp
  • Comfort-tuck zipper system
  • 22 degree sleeping bag
  • Inside zipper pocket for IPod or Cell phone
  • Narrow space inside the bag

When looking at sleeping bags, you'll find that there are two types of bags, down & synthetic. Down is the lightest & warmest of the two, hands down. Down is considered the best between the two types. Yet it should be noted that over the last several years, synthetic sleeping bags have come a long way. Down is generally more money than synthetic. Down category offer lighter and compacts smaller than synthetic bags of the same temperature rating. However, down bags do not do well in wet weather. Once down becomes wet, it loses its loft & its thermal characteristics. Now I can show you this X-CHENG Ultralight down sleeping bag.

Comfort with waterproof facility

Comfort is one of the major aspects when you can use a backpack sleeping bag. A sleeping bag uses for sleep in wild place during your hunting or campaign. So it is important to make you warm when you are in that sleeping bag. But you must open all of that part for use a sleeping bag. Another consideration aspect is waterproofing facility. My recommended X-CHENG Ultralight down sleeping bag offers you entire waterproof facility.



  • Carrying handle helps to carry this bag easily
  • Light-weight design
  • Affordable price range
  • Need minimum space for accumulate
  • Waterproof facility
  • Extra softness hampers the comfort in uneven place

For any backpacker weight is always something to think about and one place to save weight is your choice of sleeping bag. But when it comes to sleeping bags there can also compare between weight and warmth with comfort. And nobody likes to spend cold nights in the wilderness shivering, waiting for the sun to come up. After a broad and deep research I can give you different range and different design sleeping bag. But I am only giving you affordable range with much efficient backpack sleeping bag model. Now my recommendation is Hyke &Byke Quandary 15 degree down sleeping bag for campaign backpacking.

Different color options

You will get five different color option for choose your desired color sleeping bag. Most of the sleeping bag can’t offer you the different color options. But my recommended sleeping bag gives you five beautiful looking colors.

Life time warranty

Life time warranty is one of the common facilities for buying a backpack sleeping bag. It ensure you the long lasting sleeping bag for using.  



  • Life time warranty
  • Five different color options
  • Space saving and light-weight design
  • Long lasting durable structure
  • 400T Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric
  • Price is pretty much high

Most backpackers like to keep their load as light as possible, carrying only their essential needs for their days out on the trail. But there does come a point when sacrificing comfort for weight is not always a good idea. It is particularly true when it comes to backpack sleeping bag because an uncomfortable night in the wilderness can truly moderate the experience, even when adhering to the principles of lightweight backpacking. In my 8th recommendation I am going to show you this Coleman North Rim adult mummy sleeping bag.


Sleep into sleeping bag comfortably in wild environment, even when you are in 0° F (o Degree) outside, in the Coleman Sleeping Bag with North Rim Adult Mummy through a polyester rip stop cover with polyester lining. Its designs for keep you warm as of top to bottom. It also features with drawstring-adjustable hood surrounds your head to keep you warm in extreme cold weather. The full-length draft tube blocks heat loss with the zipper, also a box-shaped foot gives you additional room to move your feet. When you’re ready, it’s easy to put it away in the stuff sack. The North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag easily fits heights up to 6-feet 2-inch and is also giving you machine washable facility.



  • Semi-sculpted hood surrounds head with warmth
  • Box foot silhouette for extra foot room
  • Two-way zipper for maximum ventilation
  • Commercial machine washable
  • Available in green and dark grey colors
  • Some people complain that it isn’t warm enough

You do not need to mention to the backpackers and campers what importance the sleeping bag has for them. Sleeping on an open ground under the tent is a great thing to enjoy in a warm climate, but it is not possible to do the same at places with low temperature. Now, people often face the problem of feeling like a hunchback with the weight of their backpacks. It is the problem that most backpackers faced in the past, but this is no more a problem as the modern camping bags are light and trendy looking. Semoo Envelope sleeping bag is an ideal solution for your next hunting or campaign.

Affordable price range

Price is primary consideration for buy any category of hunting or campaign gear. My recommended Semoo Envelope sleeping bag comes in remarkable low price which anyone can afford. As well you will get portable, waterproof, proper comfort with compression sack facility.



  • Reduces heat loss through the zipper
  • 190T polyester shell fabric
  • Extreme affordable price tag
  • Light-weight design
  • Easy to carry
  • Not for extreme cold temperature

We humans spend the vast majority of our lifetime asleep. Sleeping bags can be look at as your bed away from bed. Regardless of where or how they used, whether it be sleeping over in a friends or relatives house, or sleeping under the stars in a tent, a properly selected sleeping bag will determine how well you make it through the night. In this content, we are focusing on the hunting or campaign purpose. That means outdoor sleeping bag for sleep in wild and cold environment.

Comfortable sleeping bag

You must need proper comfort during your campaign or hunting time. You may need peaceful sleep for next hard working day. So before buying a sleeping bag you need choose a sleeping bag which gives you proper comfort.



  • Light-weight design
  • Provide proper comfort sleep
  • Reasonable price range
  • Life time warranty
  • Suitable for any size person
  • Size is little bit extra for hiking

Buyer Guideline

In case of backpacking just a general sleeping bag may fail to meet your requirements completely. You'll have several factors to check out if you're choosing a sleeping bag for the specific purpose of backpacking. You will find wide varieties of materials and sizes. Before buying the right backpacking sleeping bags the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that the backpackers have to travel to different places and the places may have different temperatures. So, it is very important to select the right backpacking sleeping bags for you. Even if you are going camping then also you need a proper sleep and for that you need a sleeping bag. But before that it is very important to know the differences between the backpacking and the normal sleeping bags. The backpacking bags are very light in weight. They must be made in such a way that they can be stored very easily.


There are two things that you really need to know about the temperature ratings on sleeping bags. The first is that there are two separate ratings on them and the second is that even a sleeping bag that is rated for a certain temperature may not allow you to be completely protected out in the elements. These are just ratings, meaning that a sleeping bag that has a better temperature rating than the one next to it might be better capable of doing its job in harsh conditions, but it doesn’t mean that is going to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel. The two ratings that exist are the Comfort Rating and the Extreme Rating, which will both be explained in greater detail below.

Comfort Rating

This rating tells you what temperature you can expect to actually be comfortable in. For example, if the best hiking sleeping bag you are considering purchasing has a comfort rating of 50 degrees, you can expect that under reasonable conditions, you will be comfortable and warm as long as the temperature doesn’t fall below that level. While the hiking sleeping bag might protect you in temperatures that are actually far colder than what is listed on the Comfort Rating, you will probably not enjoy that particular experience very much.

Extreme Rating

This is the rating that really matters to most people. It is the one that tells you how cold it can really get without you suffering from hypothermia. A relatively lightweight sleeping bag that doesn’t have a very low Extreme Rating is not going to protect you if the temperature really plummets. There are some products on the market that will keep you alive in temperatures that are up to 30 degrees below zero and in some cases, maybe even colder than that. Does that necessarily mean that you need a sleeping bag that is rated for such extremes? The answer is dependent on what you plan on doing with it and where are you planning on using it.

For example, are you going to go camping with the kids in a nearby location or maybe even in the backyard during the spring, in a climate that is relatively warm? You obviously don’t need one with such an Extreme Rating in order to do something like that. However, if you camp out on a routine basis in the colder climates of the country and you plan on being out for several days where you don’t have any access to other individuals, you might want to go with a best sleeping bag for backpacking that has a very low Extreme Rating. If you plan on traversing mountains, you will want to get the camping sleeping bag with the lowest Extreme Rating you can possibly find. Remember, it is all about survival here, not comfort. You obviously want to be comfortable, but with that being said, comfort is something that goes right out the window when survival is on the line. Therefore, you have to take care not to put yourself in jeopardy by potentially using a sleeping bag that isn’t capable of handling the conditions that you will be exposing it to. If you will go hiking with your kids, you need to choose one best sleeping bag for kids.

Mummy shape

As the name implies these sleeping bags take a mummy shape. They are snatched up at the hips and the shoulders to create a better fit. This shape also plays a role in effective insulation and general weight minimization. Due to this, they are ideal for camping situations. The only limitation to this is that some may find the bag restricting movement.

Rectangular shape

Now, these are known for their ability to offer more room to work with. These bags offer more function due to the fact that they can be joined together. If the zippers are compatible, two units may be joined to one. These may weigh more than the mummy shape.

Barrel shape

Barrel shape sleeping bags take a tapered form. Also it is better than the mummy category when it comes to space. The Barrel shape lets you move around better and still keeps you warm. Models designed specifically to fit women and children can be found easily. The kid version has a sleeping pad holder. This is handy in keeping the child in position through the night.

Seasonal Ratings

In addition to the temperature rating, sleeping bags also have seasonal readings. Typically, they are labeled 1 through 4.4-season sleeping bag, means that the sleeping bag should be suitable on a year-round basis while a rating of 1 means that it is designed to be used during the warmer summer months only. A seasonal rating of 2 means that the sleeping bag is designed to work well for both spring and summer. As you may have imagine by now, 3 season sleeping bag means that the sleeping bag should be suitable for all seasons except winter, where the coldest temperatures might come into play. Therefore, you definitely want to ensure that you get a hiking sleeping bag that has a seasonal rating of 4 if you plan on using it in cold weather. Most people usually choose to go with this option anyway, as it is a lot easier to simply unzip the sleeping bag a little bit so you can cool off, as opposed to having it fully zipped and still be freezing. The one caveat here is that if you are camping in a place where the temperatures are still in the eighties, even at night, you are definitely going to want a backpacking sleeping bag that is rated for the summer, so you would choose one with a seasonal rating of 1. Anything else is going to make you so hot that you can hardly stand it.


Sleeping bags are made of either down feathers or synthetic materials. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a sleeping bag that is made with down feathers is lightweight and easier to carry when you are on a long hiking trip, especially if you are hiking over rather punishing terrain. In addition, the down sleeping bag retains heat better and allows that heat to be distributed more effectively. The downside is that even best down sleeping bag don’t work well in wet conditions at all. If you get the sleeping bag wet or if it rains, it essentially loses all of its ability to retain heat and become practically useless. Once it gets wet, it takes a long time to dry out so you could be putting yourself at potential risk of hypothermia if you are counting on it to keep you warm. The synthetic sleeping bag , on the other hand, works much better in wet conditions and they are easier to care for. If you want a sleeping bag that is easy to clean, a best synthetic sleeping bag probably your best option. With that being said, they too have their drawbacks. They don’t have a tendency to last quite as long as the sleeping bags made with down feathers and they aren’t as good at retaining heat during normal conditions. In addition, they have a tendency to be heavier and bulkier, so if weight distribution is a priority for you when you are hiking that could be enough to sway your decision. It really comes down to a matter of personal preferences.

Body Styles

Sleeping bags come in the standard rectangular shape or in a design that looks more like a mummy than anything else. In fact, that is what they are called mummy sleeping bag. They are designed to be much more tapered than a standard sleeping bag and they don’t allow you to move around as much inside. For some people, it is worth it because when you utilize the drawstring or the neck baffles, they can also keep your head warm. Some people believe the mummy sleeping bag style does a much better job. Others prefer to have a little extra room. It is also important to know that the standard version comes in both single and double varieties.

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Final Verdict

When you are ready to set out and start looking for new camping sleeping bags to purchase, you are going to want to make sure that you are paying close attention to the different temperature ratings. The idea behind this is that you will be able to take full advantage of the technology that is being offered up to you. Some sleeping bags are simply going to keep you warmer than others. In this content, you will find top ten selected list of sleeping backpack bag. I can provide complete review of each of these items. You will also find a complete buyer guideline which may help you to buy a best quality sleeping backpack bag.

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