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Best Bow Sights of 2019

The bow and arrow has been around for thousands of years, dating back to roughly 10,000 BC. The bow was used as a major advantage in self-defense among ancient civilizations. However, in those days, they only knew the art of instinctive shooting, meaning that the archer had to solely rely on their subconscious perception in order to vitally execute the shot with accuracy. While there are many archery enthusiasts today who still love and have virtually mastered this traditional style of shooting, for everyone else the bow sight has worked wonders as it has evolved remarkably over the centuries.

Bow sights for hunting include a plethora of options when it comes to manufacturers, models, features and prices. Many bow sights designs with single pin vertical and multi pin vertical bow sights in which some companies have only focus on this style of archery sight based on effectiveness. Then there are those who prefer the horizontal pin sights as they can provide accuracy at longer ranges by providing multiple pins, usually in ten yard increments. Then along came the pendulum sight which took the market by storm as it automatically compensates for the elevation adjustment which all those hunting from a tree stand would come to appreciate. The pendulum is a vertical single pin bow sight that will move itself once properly adjusted, to accommodate shooters in an elevated position most of these models can also be locked into position when shooting from the ground as well.

Competition archery sights can be a little more complex and a whole lot more pricey. While most of these manufacturers make these professional sights their main focus, almost all of them offer a lineup for the bow hunter as well. Competition sights are generally built with much more quality grade material and offer a much broader array of options that isn't offered in traditional hunting sights. Now, you could most definitely use these sites for hunting, however, they tend to be much bulkier and can get hung up on brush or other debris. In short, they're just not very ideal when you're in the field. Make no mistake though there are plenty of bow hunting sights on the market that are made of superb quality.

In this content, I am going to show you top ten models of Bow Sights with a complete review. My all recommendation with helps you to taka proper decision to choose a best quality bow sight. You will also get am informative and well research buyer guideline. That helps you to select one and teach you which terms need to consider before buying a better quality bow sight.

Product Name



Editorial Rating


8 ounces

6 x 4.2 x 3.2


7.2 ounces

9 x 9 x 2 


8 ounces

5 x 4 x 4


0.96 ounces

8 x 6 x 2


12 ounces

7.2 x 3.5 x 2.6


8.8 ounces

5 x 8 x 0.8


8 ounces

8.5 x 6 x 2.5


6.4 ounces

8.5 x 6 x 2.5


6.4 ounces

5.5 x 3.5 x 1.7


2.4 ounces

5.5 x 3.5 x 1.7


All archery hunters know that accuracy can make or break a hunt. One of the most important pieces of equipment an archer owns is the sight on his bow. What is the most vital part of any successful hunt? Having good archery sights is where a good shot starts. Quality bow sights give you confidence in the most critical moments out in the field and it is important that you pick a sight that is going to perform in your hunting situation. IQ bow sights micro compound bow archery with retina lock system bow sights is my first recommendation for you.

Field Logic Designs with Black IQ Universal Light

Some customers need to use an additional rheostat light in support of hunting in low-light situations, there is one specifically designed for the IQ Micro, but be aware that you may have to shoot without a peep sight in such a lighting situation, as it is pretty difficult to see through a peep when it is dark. Also the built in dimmer is very important, as the full brightness of the light may be way too much in very low-light conditions, so it is necessary to be able to dial it down to see the pins again.

The Field Logic Black IQ Universal Light has an adjustable rheostat control (from dim to very bright), works on left and right hand models and has batteries (three L736) included. The purple LED light reduces pin glare at dusk or dawn and the light fits the following sizes: 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36, and 7/16-20. The main benefits are different adapters that come with the light, which means it can attach to other sights easily.

Usability and Adjustability

IQ bow sights is available in a version designed for right and left handed archers which mean you may able to purchase this model that fits you. It has knobs used for micro-adjusting the wind-age with elevation and for adjusting the entire sight up and down also left and right. Additionally it uses locking knobs toward lock it into place.

Many customers confirmed this sight it in at 20-yards, adjusted the retina lock system and that soon dropping arrows going on the targets at 60-yards with no further adjustment. It is true this one seems to be very simple to set up for being ready for hunting. For primary set up the Field Logic recommends sighting in the 20-yard pin first, then it adjusting the retina lock.

Peep Sight

The IQ Bow Sights Micro works with or without a peep. In fact it is designs to get free of the light robbing peep because the green dot of the retina lock system makes sure your point of reference is always the similar. Even you still wish to use a peep, a Versa peep may be a good selection because it is available in different sizes. That size depends on your draw length, through the way. On average it would be 3/16-inch to 1/4-inch.

Growing Features

The IQ Bow Sights mounting bracket is pretty much standard along with should fit a lot of pre-taped risers. It has different mounting holes designed for a standard quiver as well. Screws and tools used for attaching the sight to the riser are also included. You may need to find longer screws intended for attaching a quiver, by depending on the bow sights model.

Latest Retina Lock Technology

The main feature of this IQ bow sights is its latest Retina Lock Technology, which is mainly two dots and those are a green one and a black one that require to centered on top of each other. Then you have to line up a pin with release. With this technology you are able to shoot by any angle as well as hit the spot provided you are shooting by proper form more often than not. Subsequent to you are use to this technique of shooting the entire process feels more natural and require way less time than to line up a sight ring also a level along with finally to line up the pin on the target.  Another feature is for beginners need able to multi-task somehow, as they need to take care of the sight level, the retina lock also the pin alignment at the same time, which can be a bit demoralizing. Other than they should get used to this technique of shooting in a rather short period of time.

That retina dot is always within the peripheral vision of the shooter as he or she concentrates on their pins, but without being an interruption. It will teach you to shoot by proper form, as you can see immediately when you are off.



  • 7 ultra-bright .019 pins >
  • Available in right- or left-hand
  • Micro-adjustment knobs
  • All-aluminum design
  • Retina Lock Technology
  • Some customer face difficulty for adjustment

Shooting with a bow sight effectively comes down to more than simply just shopping for a fantastic quality bow sight. Even the newest bow with the latest technology is not going to have you shooting the eyes out of gnats at 40 yards. There is, however quite a lot of equipment that you can buy to use with your bow and if it has been carefully chosen it can help to make hunting a far more enjoyable experience. Now I am going to tell you another item of bow sight model. And it is Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 bow sight.


With 3 remarkable adjustable fiber optic pins designs bow sight has a relatively clear picture. Every pin is a standard .019-inch diameter and well lit. The top and bottom pins are green along with the middle pin is red, creating some distinction between them. That bow pins are adjustable with an Allen wrench, which may tricky while out in the middle of a hunting time. A green glow in the dark sight ring helps focus as well as target faster. Also included is a bubble level, found on the bottom interior of the sight housing. The pins are light gathering fiber optics also offer high visibility.

There is a threaded hole in the sight housing intended for the addition of a pin light, which does not come included through the Mist. The sight itself can install multiple different ways on the riser due to its versatile mounting holes. If flipped upside down it can also install on a left hander bow, which will put the level at the top of the sight housing. The Mist is plenty exact once it is sighted in, but there isn’t anything special about it. There are no yardage tapes otherwise sighting tricks or micro adjustments here. Sight in your three pins, adjusting them by an Allen wrench, and you are set. Accuracy from here depends on the skill of the archer and their compound setup. The bubble level with green sight ring is a small boon, other than that is the extent of bells and whistles.


Price is always plays an important and main role for buying any stuff or product. My recommended Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 bow sight comes in only fifty dollar price tag. So it is a great advantage for buying this remarkable bow sight model. Most of the bow sight comes in little bit high price tag like as more then hundred dollar price. But you will get this bow with all necessary features within this reasonable price tag.

Durable Construction

The Trophy Ridge designs with 3 pin sight are very light-weight due to its construction. It is made entirely out of plastic through no metal or machined parts. For this reason, it is also rather weak also can easily break or accidentally detached from the bow’s riser. There are issues among the sight moving while shooting, cases where the screws are not long adequate and come loose, and instances in which the sight has completely fallen off unexpectedly.

It is suggested to use longer and higher quality screws to smooth the progress of will hold the sight on better. Also, take great care when tightening the pins. It is possible to over-tighten them, which will cut into the plastic also make further adjustments impossible. The bow sight looks good also will make an aesthetically enjoyable addition though it is cheaply made plastic and should be treated carefully. Compare the price do not expect much in terms of durability or else longevity from this sight. It is possible to install a quiver to the sight, while it is recommended to keep in mind the abovementioned durability critiques.



  • Tool-less wind age and elevation adjustment
  • Ultra bright .019 fiber optic pins
  • Ballistix CoPolymer system
  • Zero pin gap spacing
  • Reversible sight mount
  • Light-weight construction
  • Easily falls off of bows
  • Allen wrench required for adjustments

Bow shooting smoothly accomplishes to lining up your bow through the target correctly also to do this you will require a better quality bow sight. Bow hunters can select from variable pin and fixed pin bow sights and the fixed pin sights are available in a range of different pin settings, both in terms of the thickness of the fiber optic and the number of pins. Having the capacity to tune the bow sight for a variety of set distances gives you the versatility to shoot over a number of circumstances. Pins may be laid out in vertical or horizontal formation depending on the model of the bow sight. In this time I am show you this Trophy Ridge React 5 pin bow sight.

Designs with 5 pins

The pins are 0.19 diameter fiber optics and the tips are two different colors. Four of the pins are yellow and the center pin is red. That gives only a small distinction between the pins, whereas it would be more beneficial to have had multiple different colors for each of the different tips. It is generally easier to quickly identify a color and associate it with the yardage, rather than having to count the pins and check their position to be sure. That being said, the picture manages to be crisp and clear, despite having five pins to work with. They are also very bright and easy to see thanks to strong fiber optics.

5 pin durable Constructions

The Trophy Ridge React 5 pin bow sight is made of a ballistix copolymer system that is 24% lighter than aluminum. The Trophy Ridge React 5-pin bow sight declares this copolymer is just as strong as aluminum. However, there are some reports of the frame becoming cracked and needing to be replaced. Aside from this rare issue, the React is durable and holds together well during adjustments. In fact, despite being made from the lighter material, it is a rather heavy sight weighing 11 ounces. This may be a deterrent if you are trying to keep your build lightweight and efficient.



  • Auto-calibrating yardage pins for easy setup
  • Precision-machined for no-slop tolerances
  • Second- and third-axis leveling capabilities
  • Includes rheostat sight light
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Ultra bright .019 fiber optic pin
  • Only two colors for the pins
  • Minimum 250 FPS requirement

Many hunters prefer to go wild jungle place when it comes to hunting many choose to get some extra help from a bow sight to gain accuracy. Having accurate aim can make all the difference between a clean kill, and watching the animal dart way. Many bow hunting competitions now permit to use of bow sights, and overall, they work to greatly enhance a hunter's aim. You may find different category of hunting bow sight in the current market. But all are not provide your desired expectation. HHA optimizer lite 5519 is a great option of bow sight model. Now I am giving you a review about this bow sight.

Single pin sight specs

The HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 comes with different yardage tapes that will match to your bow also how you shoot. After the primary setup it is an easy matter of following the instructions on the way to determine which tape will better suit your needs. It is recommended by HHA Optimizer Lite reviews to shoot a few practice rounds at 20-yards also 40-yards to check your reliability and then apply the exact tape.

Once sighted in at 20-yards and 60-yards you will have a whole range between 20-yards and 80-yards. Some archers still catch up to 95-yards. It is amazing how simple it is to go as of shooting 20-yards to moving out to 30-yards as well as taking it up to 60-yards with confidence. HHA Optimizer relies on essential math toward make sure better accuracy. Their Dial, Range, Shoot (R.D.S.) tapes mark through 5-yard increments, making it easy to carry out quick mathematical calculations. Moreover, the sight can also adjust in single yard increments.

Options on the optimizer Lite

In the HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 series there are different options to select from. The Optimizer Lite 5519 is appropriately named with the purpose of for its .019 inch pin size, which refers to the diameter of the fiber optics in the bow sight. HHA Optimizer 5519 also has 5-inch of fiber optic cable safely guarded with HHA’s indestructible CNC machined A.R.M.O.R. pin protection. That, combined with the 1 ⅝-inch sight housing, makes intended for a super hard piece of gear that can hold up some of the more extreme hikes also weather conditions. The wind-age and elevation adjustments are tool-free micro knobs with the yardage dial also need no tools for tweak.



  • 2.1-inch of vertical travel adjustment
  • 5-feet of 019" fiber optic
  • Optional Lens Kit B and Blue Burst light sold separately
  • Mathew’s harmonic damper
  • Mechanical rheostat for adjustable pin brightness
  • No threaded hole for a third party light attachment

Most people shoot instinctively, which means they aim and shoot, but accuracy often doesn't come until there is much practice under a hunter's belt. Most hunters don't have the time to devote to the amount of practice required, so a sight becomes a great tool. Due to the arc of the arrow, it is necessary to aim upwards to increase the arc, thereby increasing the distance of the arrow. The common bow hunting sight will give you multiple aiming points to shoot different distances; most are color coded to make aiming easier. The hunter only sights with the correct point to find the approximate distance he's aiming. Apex Gear Convert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight is my recommendation for you. It comes in little bit high price but it is a professional standard bow sight.

High Quality Bow Sight

Many customers search the best quality product from the market. They can’t think about the price. They just desire to have a product or device which features with highest quality and designs with maximum Durability. But it comes in little bit pricy range. Everyone may not afford this bow sight. But you will have a best quality product what you desire.



  • Perfect for any light condition
  • Automatically turns off after 4 hours without adjustment
  • Multiple 1-hand adjustments for precise targeting
  • Adjustable yardage pointer and 60+ pre-marked yardage tapes
  • Adjustable for left- and right-handed users
  • Price is very high

Though this type of sight is the most common, bow sights are catching up with technology. The newest type available is a fiber optic hunting sight. These sights pull in light, creating a point of light to aim for; the longer the fiber, the brighter the point. There are also sights that fit into a protective pin guard, some coming from the side, and some from the bottom of the guard. It is generally believed that greater accuracy is achieved with bottom mounted pins. There are also movable sights that are adjusted according to the distance of the target. Now I am recommending you this Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin bow sight.

Best brand for Bow Sight

Before buying a bow sight you need to know the manufacturer detail. A well known and popular brand only provides the best quality product what you need. But it is also true less popular brand also produce better quality bow sight. But popular brand only offer the best quality and you may not need too much time for identify all the necessary features. Trophy Ridge is very well known for their hunting items as well bow sights.



  • Micro-click wind-age and elevation adjustment
  • Glow-ring superior in low-light
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Highly visible range indicators
  • Rheostat sight light included illuminates each fiber optic pin evenly
  • Price is pretty much high

If you are in here then you must looking to get yourself a new bow sight. Luckily for me, you have already waged most of the battle of the compound versus recurve battle that is typically where most people start. Now that you have chosen to go this route, there are a few things that you need to decide. The first thing that you need to figure out is how you will be using your new bow. Will it be for archery purposes only, will it be strictly for bow hunting, or do you want something that is good enough to satisfy the needs of both? HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 is another recommendation for you.

Better quality within affordable price tag

Budget may cause for buy low quality stuff. But it is also possible to buy a desired stuff within your budget range. If that product is high quality then it will be a great benefit for customer. My recommended HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 features with all necessary installation what you may need during hunting. Remarkable you will get this bow sight within very reasonable price tag.



  • Fully protected fiber optics
  • HHA 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Micro adjust wind-age
  • Machined-aluminum sight body
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Sometimes problem create for adjustment

The first thing that you will need to figure out when you are determining which compound bow to buy is its intended use. If you have done any searching thus far, then you probably already know that there are so many options to choose from in this market. I will let you in on a little secret they all cater to a certain type of shooter. You will find many companies out there with the purpose of make hunting specific bows that offer the shooter enough power to snag a black bear. You will also find some companies that make the most balanced bows sight on the market for target shooters.


During your hunting time you may need to carry lots of gear and accessories which is necessary for hunt. For this reason, you need to focus on the weight. Extra weight may cause for slowing your speed. It is a great idea to choose only light-weight hunting gear. But it is always not possible to buy light-weight hunting gear. In this content, you will find top ten hunting bow sight model and all of those are remarkable light-weight.



  • Photo Chromatic Technology for the perfect pin brightness
  • Choose between new X-Frame base or 4-inch Dovetail base
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment
  • Accepts magnified lens
  • 54 sight tapes included
  • Price is very high

Many people have wondered how it is that people sight in their bows and or firearms. This process is not incredibly hard but if the concept is not picked up, the sights will be so far off that it will take a great deal of time to fix the damage that was caused. The sights on a bow and gun are not vastly different but the sights on a bow give you a wider range of distances to shoot at. To sight in a bow, it all starts off by putting the sight on the bow its self out of the package. Spot-Hogg Archery Wrapped right on 5 pin right hand bow sight is my another recommendation for you.

Durable Construction

Durability is an important consideration for buying a hunting device. You need to face different unexpected and difficult situation during hunting. So you need to be you ready to face all those situations. But without having proper gear and accessories you may not able to survive that hunting environment. Hunting bag, binocular, range finder, boot as well as bow sight all are need to be more durable design beyond your expectation. My recommended Spot-Hogg Archery Wrapped right on 5 pin right hand bow sight designs with pretty much durable and long lasting hunting device.



  • Round pin guard with alignment ring
  • Vertical aiming wire for fast alignment
  • Heavy duty clamping screws
  • Individually micro-adjustable pins
  • Wrapped fiber optics
  • Only for right handed design

If I was teaching a young person to shoot a bow, I would consider the age of the person and their ability to draw and hold a compound bow. If very young and using a traditional style bow I would teach them to shoot instinctively, not using a peep sight or front sight but simply aiming the arrow at the target. If you want your youngster to stay with archery you should keep it entertaining adding balloons to the target gives them instant gratification and makes shooting fun which is most important. In my last recommendation I am going to show you this Axcel Archery Bow Sights AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight.

Professional Standard Bow Sight

Every customer common desire is to buy the best quality product. But that always not possible due the budget range. Best quality product didn’t come with affordable range. So you need to spend extra money if you desire to buy the best quality product from the market. Axcel Archery Bow Sights AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight is that category of professional and extremely high quality bow sight. I can recommend you this because of the better quality.



  • Single pin versatility and speed with multi-pin reference
  • ALL axis leveling capabilities
  • Patent pending Accu-Clicks visual and tactile marker at set distances
  • Micro-adjustable wind-age with lock button
  • Includes Axcel AV-41 scope
  • Price is very high

Buyer Guideline

Latest model bow sights or bow scopes are equipment to facilitate is usually mounted upon a bow riser to enable you to get better precision while aiming at your target. That is intending to help hunters find a higher level of control while targeting arrows at their game otherwise prey. The best bow sights are remarkably advantageous designed for arrow based weaponry hunters and enthusiasts. When you consider it, the full concentration of bow and archery shooting is toward attain great accuracy as possible.

If you are desire for a best single pin bow sight, then you are looking for best materials, convenience, precision, as well as reasonable price bow sight. These bow sights are increasing in fame intended for learner and expert hunters with enthusiasts. The bow sights take into consideration extended exactness through a decrease in sight disorder also blind sides.

Features for low light

The first innovation of the bow site market was basically a miniature flashlight, used to illuminate pins while light levels are low. While it is a simple, effective tool, these illuminators do require batteries also need to turn on and off. Forgetting to turn them off is an ordinary problem, resulting in dead batteries with the intention of are undetected until the need arises again. Fiber optics gather light with transmit it to the tip of the fiber, creating a bright point of light without batteries under marginal conditions also provide an even brighter illumination in full daylight. Another option to consider is Tritium a radioactive factor added to paint that gathers light in the similar manner as the luminous dial of a watch. You can still choose for a combination of Tritium and fiber optics if you can’t make a decision which one you like best. The brightest fiber optic sights use long lengths of fiber wrapped around the sight numerous times, to increase their light gathering ability.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is cables that transmitting light. During used as pins in bow sights, these glass or else plastic cables capture ambient light with release it from the opening at the end. Due to this outcome, the small tips of fiber optic pins blaze brightly, making them easier to see in low light conditions. Fiber-optic pin sights have become very popular for hunters, who realize the extra visibility in the early morning otherwise late evening.

Bubble Levels

While recurve shooters even purposefully angle their bows, compound shooters will have greatest precision during holding their bows fully straight. Some sights integrate a bubble level, like those establish in spirit levels, which lines up when the bow is held straight. These levels are particularly filled with alcohol otherwise anti-freeze, so that they do not freeze in cold weather.

Gang Adjustments

Gang adjustments help an archer in the direction of adjust their pins as a group, instead of one at a time, while compensating intended for elevation and wind. That makes setting up and adjusting the sight faster along with easier. While many sights require using a wrench or screws toward adjust pins, some are built by large knobs designed for easy tuning.

Adjustable sights

Moveable bow sights have a lever with the purpose of moves the sight pin up and down toward correspond through the exact estimated distance of your target. The qualities of adjustability eliminate the need intended for multiple pins. This sight is mainly useful for targeting game in between standard increments of 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards. Ease of adjustment is a benefit when an animal is moving toward otherwise away from you at an angle. You may see a buck along with quickly estimate his range at 33-yards, set your sight also get ready to draw. Just as you begin to raise your bow the buck starts walking slowly out of your shooting lane and doesn’t arrive at another opening until he’s cleared a 10-yard stand of brush. In its place of having to hold high or in between pins, you can quickly slide toward the exact distance of 23-yards, and hold dead on. Some sights even help you to make the adjustment at complete draw.

Peep function

A peep bow sight provides a small aperture on your bowstring to look during and align your sight pin for the proper distance. Since this establishes your anchor point, it's a significant part of your shooting package. Peeps come in different sizes and are sometimes aligned with a rubber cord attached to the bow frame.

Final Verdict

In the last part of this article, I am going to give you a summary. Hunting is a passionate hobby for many hunting lover people. Many people are facing a different problem with choosing the right hunting gear. Bow sight is one them and most important hunting gear for every hunter. In this content, I am giving you top ten bow sight model in different ranges and category. After that, I can write a brief discussion about the buying guideline of bow sight. I hope after read this buyer guideline you will understand the facts and considerable matter for buying bow sight.