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Best Hunting Jackets For 2019

Are you preparing yourself for hunting in this season? While hunting you need to have a good choice of clothes. Normal clothes are not applicable at hunting time. It’s not user-friendly for hunting. You probably face a lot of problems with using your day to day clothes.
So the main question comes to your mind this time what are the best hunting clothes?
Well, some manufacturer focus, especially on product quality and some of them, focus on product looking and price. There are a lot of various jackets available on the market that will make you confused what is the best choice for your hunting journey. And nowadays there is no extra time for spending days go to a shop for purchasing a jacket.
I’m here to help you with choosing the best quality hunting jacket for spending your hunting season with joy. Before going on that I’m going to share my hunting jacket story with you
I’m a professional hunter from last 5 years. During this long journey, I have a lot of experiences in hunting sector. And I have a group of hunters with whom I continuously go for hunting. At the time of hunting the most complicated thing, we face that is about clothing. Because in the hunting area, we generally face a lot of natural challenges that our normal clothes cannot cope up with that. In my last hunting journey 2 months earlier our hunting brought with them some hunting jacket. Our hunting team purchased and carried with them a lot of different types of jacket. And today I’m going to share with you the best jackets that I especially loved to wear in this season.

What Layer Hunting Jacket To Choose?

If you are a hunter then you have to consider various things. At the time of hunting, you should be careful about your clothes. And you just need to have knowledge and experiences about choosing the right clothes for your hunting journey. Here I put some hunting jacket guide. If you do not familiar with hunting jacket this might help you a lot. There are three types of the layer you may choose for your hunting jacket. 1. Mid Layer, 2. Base Layer, 3. Outer Layer.

Mid Layer

You should choose loose clothes when it comes about middle layers. If you feel it is not easy to remove and feel uncomfortable then escape it. The middle layer jacket should help you to control your body temperature. So go for easy remove effective mid-layer that protects your desire.

Base Layer

it is the light layer and most hunters like this layer because it comes in cotton. But sometimes cotton material tarp your moisture and you may feel like uncomfortable. So you need more comfortable and breathable clothe like Merino wool.

Outer Layer

this layer provides the best possible protection that a hunter usually needs. This layer jacket will help your body from outside elements that may harm your body easily. Outer layer helps you through protecting your body from excessive rain and snow that you feel less cold. It will protect your body from trees, rocks and other tiny items that may harm you easily or unconsciously. The most important thing when choosing outer layer clothes is that this should be fit for your body. If it is unfit then you may face protection problem.

Criteria That Makes An Awesome Hunting Jacket 


When talking about design, we all have an internal desire that design should be unique and eye-catching. And this is true that most of the design in the marketplace is not so much gorgeous that attracts to your eyes and fulfills your demand. An awesome hunting jacket not only includes eye-catching design, but it provides safety issues to the hunter. So while choosing jacket we should consider a safety issue for our jacket.With different types of design, you may need to choose that what kind of hunting jacket you want. Here are a few different options and solutions for your jacket selection:

Pant and jacket Combo

There is special jacket also find in the market that comes in not an only jacket but also pant. It’s called combo packages. It comes with the same design that allows you to go outside with the entire outfit.


Normally while going to hunt we simply have a think about sunny day or sun. And to eliminate this problem we are looking forward to buy a hat. But some jacket comes into a hoodie, which is supplementary to a hat. This hoodie provides you another level of satisfaction that protects you from the sun.


Mainly this kind of jacket not comes into sleeveless. Because it's not a jackets main feature. Because it covers your arms and protects your body fully.


While choosing a jacket for your hunting journey the most important factor is that it’s manufacturing materials. And you must be thinking in your mind that weather is a fact of your hunting journey. You just need a jacket according to your weather. In cold weather, you don’t want to use that type of jacket that made for hot weather. According to your weather, you just need to do the adjustment with your materials that you prefer for your jacket. Some jacket makes with thick materials and some light and some weight materials. There are several types of materials for jacket – 1. Polyester, 2. Cotton, 3. Dintex, 4. Stretch fabric, 5. Nylon.
A good quality jacket is that can cope up with weather environment and easily breathable. Bulky types of the jacket should be avoidable. It's probably a good idea avoiding padding jacket because it gives you uncomfortable feelings in the long run.
While considering best jacket materials you must be thinking about it is waterproof or not. Because you cannot sure about the weather and if your jacket will not provide you water resistance support that it becomes feel to your disaster while raining.

Waterproof Performance

It is the most important traits. Because a jacket obviously protects you from outside harm. So the water resistant jacket is so important and it can be utilized in all conditions. While choosing your jacket you must look forward to the outer shell that is made of water repellant that prevents water from being wet and therefore it keeps your jacket dry all times.


A good quality hunting jacket always cares about its customer. What design, color preferred by a customer is known by the manufacturer very well. So for a great hunting jacket color is matter. There are several types of color jacket available on the market: Elevated, Camouflage, optifade, Charcoal, Stone, Chocolate, Black, Inferno, Mossy Oak, Realtree, white, Blaze, Orange.


A great hunting jacket also comes with several types of sizes and matches. This size is preferable for men and women; fat and thin. From large to small sizes also available for purchasing. Different sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.


Now the main term is about hunting jacket price. And it is also another most important factor. Because the hunting jacket is not so cost-effective, it is expensive. So before making purchasing decision a hunting jacket for you, you need to be aware of its pricing. Price may be variable according to its color, size, materials and designs and many more special features. Price generally varies from $50-$150. Sometimes you, don’t worry about expenses, in my opinion, why buy a cheap one that will get damaged in a few times later? So you must choose the best quality jacket that will give you an excellent performance by maintaining good quality. So my advice is that do not hesitate to spend extra money for the best-rated jackets. 









Sitka Gear Downpour Jacket


Elevated, Camouflage, optifade

Wind & Water



Legendary Whitetails Canvas cross Trail Realtree Camo Workwear Jacket

Cotton, polyester

Charcoal, Stone, Chocolate, Black, Inferno

Wind & Water



RockyBoys Pro hunter full Zip Insulated Parka


Mossy Oak, Realtree


5 pounds


Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka


Realtree, white, Blaze, Orange

Water & Wind


Kryptek Men’s Aegis Extreme Jacket Highlander

Stretch Fabric


Wind & Water

3 Pounds


The Sitka Gear Downpour jacket uses a very special technology that enables a silent movement during a hard rain. Another nice feature is that in wet weather it remains totally dry because of its polyester material and wind/water resistance capability. It comes in three colors (Camouflage, optifade and Elevated). It provides full protection from rain and wind. You can easily move while hunting. It offers protection from wind and breathability.
If you want to go for hunting in mid-season like hot weather, then you might face some uncomfortable as this jacket hood can’t be zipped off. Its hood comes with fully articulated arms, Melco tape accents, and full front zipper.
But another thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of space. For added weather resistance it is smoothly finished. Made of stretchy, quiet and soft fabrics that combine three-layer constructions; A. Thicker, B. Thin, C. Light.



  • Easy to put into a backpack
  • 100% damage protection
  • Movement is so flexible
  • Don’t overheat the body
  • Dries quickly and sheds rain.
  • It’s totally waterproof
  • Hood can’t zip off.

This jacket comes in 5 different colors. They are Charcoal, Stone, Chocolate, Black, Inferno. Its shell comes in 100% cotton, polyester and lining are also 100% cotton. It contains heavy duty zipper and interior pocket is double. Its weight is 210 grams of insulation of features.
Its tall and big size specially designed for men that contain 1-1/2 in sleeve length, 6’2” and 2” in body length. It is specially designed for real hunting lovers at this time. To provide a very good protection it also combines a modern technology that mix of good fabrics and original design. The jacket consists of heavy-duty, attached hood and two pockets for small stuff.
While wearing this jacket you may feel flexible movement also. And it is durable enough that protects from cold weather. Because of 100% cotton, it is not water resistant. So should not wash in hot water need to wash in cold water and not to try iron this jacket anyhow. If you do so this jacket sized can be changed rapidly. It's built tough to play hard and work hard.



  • Do not let you cold.
  • Free movement.
  • Hunting and outdoor outfit at the same time.
  • Not waterproof.
  • thumbs-o-down
    After washing there is a possibility to change of size.

These rocky boys pro jacket is very easy to customize that fit to body shape and adjustable waist and cuffs. It is made of polyester and imported. It has two slash pockets that provide inside security. This jacket provides a good guarantee and protection. Their special features add its quality is very unique as it has insulated waterproof jacket.
It is regular every day wear that helps for youth hunting. It protects from cold and wind. It also provides good breathability and keeps any hunter anytime. IF you are searching for water resistance to moving quietly that this is not going to be a right choice for you. My suggestion is that you should move to another jacket.
It keeps water out and lets air in your body. You always stay calm and warm while wearing this jacket. This jacket is specially made for rainy weather. And its hood is removable and popped. At the bottom side of this jacket, there have adjusted drawstrings. Its sleeves also elastic stretch that protects from wind. 



  • Waterproof jacket
  • It is very insulated
  • Very lightweight
  • thumbs-o-up
    Elastic cuffs.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Its design is comfortable against bad weather.
  • It provides security pockets.

Gamehide deer hunting parka jacket, especially is that it is wind and water resistance. And its material type is Nylon that comes in four colors – Blaze orange, white and Realtree. This jacket is a good quality of insulation with mid-heavy. You are allowed a flexible movement for soft fabric. It stays you warm and dry with the underneath insulation.
As it is made of nylon but it’s synthetically fabric, sometimes doesn’t allow quiet movement. This jacket has not fully waterproof. Its cuffs can be regulated and protect neck also helps fasten with Velcro. It has also a detachable hood. It contains adjustable wrist straps and dumps pocket with two large fronts. Its hush hide fabric is very soft. It is lightweight



  • Very comfortable while moving.
  • Fastens with a zipper
  • Can use pops for protection
  • thumbs-o-up
    Water resistant 
  • thumbs-o-up
    Extra warm clothes
  • thumbs-o-up
    Two large front dumb pockets
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • thumbs-o-down
    Sometimes produce noise.

This Badlands jacket comes in stretch fabric material that promotes a free range of motion with mandrake color. Its PrimaLoft insulation body-mapped reduce bulk and comes with detachable food with internal chest pockets. Pit zips provide extra good support.
Its features are combat proved that has tactical, outdoor adventure apparel high-performance technical. And it is designed for extra cold-weather conditions. Its quality is very high warm and durable.
It comes with 100% wind and water resistance. For survival long time period it is extremely breathable. It provides quick-dry performance and free movement. Its PrimaLoft insulated system is for prolonged and extreme conditions to the elements. After wearing it feel not overweight and comfortable. It has extra ventilation for zippers that won’t get overheated.



  • Small size
  • Very easy to compress and contain
  • Chest pocket for carrying keys, map and mobile phone.
  • thumbs-o-up
    100% wind and waterproof and breathable.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Wash and drying are easy.
  • thumbs-o-up
    For extra ventilation, zippers added. That also comes in waterproof.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Provide good protection from the windy weather.
  • thumbs-o-up
  • thumbs-o-up
    It’s too quiet while moving.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Hood can be removed.
  • It little bit noisy
  • thumbs-o-down
    Arms slide out and in sleeves not easy.
  • thumbs-o-down
    For big hand people, the elastic suit is not applicable because of its too tight.

Buyer Guideline

There are a lot of jackets available in the market and manufacturer will offer you various forms of clothing. So choosing is quite easy for these various types of products but you have to be careful about the right jacket for you. So here is some buying guideline I am providing you that help you to choose the best jacket for you.

  • First of all, you have to think about your comfort zone. What types of jacket give you the comfort? For this, you may read some reviews that will provide you the information about how these clothes help to survive you from dangerous situations.
  • Another most important thing is that Color. As most of us like to wear matching colorful clothes. So you must choose the right color that will allow you to camouflage efficiently. Careful about choosing a color because it may destroy your hunting journey situation.
  • Water resistant jacket is so important and it can be utilized in all conditions. While choosing your jacket you must look forward to the outer shell that is made of water repellant that prevents water from being wet and therefore it keeps your jacket dry all times.
  • Yes, Brand is also an important thing while purchasing a jacket you must go for a branded jacket. The brand product is always fulfilling your demand.
  • Almost all types of hunting jacket come with pockets. So you should choose that type of jacket that has several pockets with excellent placement facility, weight balanced capacity that can store hunting gear or your personal items like cell phone, wallet.
  • Price sometimes depends on the extra feature of your jacket have. Don’t worry about pricing; choose the best quality product that will give you durability, sturdy and excellent performances.
  • Heavy weighted clothing makes you normally harder to move through your environment. And they are usually warmer than a lightweight. And extra pockets and hood also add the weight. So this decision is completely up to the environmental situation. So you must consider that what types of jacket you will need.

How To Care These jackets? (Wash/Clean/Iron)

To care, beauty for your jackets, you need to know and use right laundry detergent/right amount and the right way to iron tips. There are some tips to care for your jackets:

Washing/cleaning tips

  • While machine washes warm (degree F, 104).
  • Use the appropriate detergent for your hunting gear.
  • To eliminate odors use baking soda.
  • For camping gear and sleeping bags use the same types of washing techniques and detergents.
  • When dry stored in a tub or a plastic bag that is sealed. It will prevent your jacket from ambient odors that usually find in your home or vehicle.
  • Do not wear at the time of eating, driving, pumping gas.

Iron tips 

  • Steam your iron warm at first.
  • Before starting iron place, a cloth or towel between the iron and garment.
  • Until completely dry keep iron your jacket very carefully.
  • After that try tumble-dry warm. This will help to reactivate DWR treatment of your jacket.

Personal cleanliness

Personal freshness is very much important. So before starting your hunting journey, you need to shower with warm water. You do not need to use commercial soaps and shampoos. Hot water is enough that clean your skin and scalp. If you are working on the dirty environment, then you need to use baking soda that removes all odors from your hair and dirt from your skin.
If you are a smoker and want to remove smell use baking soda also. There are some commercial scents available on the market that will give you the best result in the long period of time.


There are some jackets they do not need any bleach any Iron and Dry clean (2 no Legendary whitetail is an example). Some jackets need to wash only hot water or in some cold water.
If you don’t follow this instruction, then your jacket may face some problem like changes of colors. Changes of sizes happen.


From where I can check the sizes?

Click the product link there you will find all the information about sizes. There are different sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Are all jackets, waterproof/resistant?

No, not all of the jackets are not waterproof. Some jacket cannot provide you these resistance services.

Are all the jackets same?

No, all types of hunting jackets are not same. Depending on the season you just need to pick the right jacket according to your comfort zone. Jackets come in a wide variety of fabrics that differs in size, color, material, and weight.

Does Jacket contain pocket?

Yes, these jackets contain inside and outside pocket. Some come with two pockets and some come with three, four and more.

What is the best process to wash my jacket?

Most of the jackets are machine washable. If machine not available don’t worry about it use water that mixed up with baking soda, then wash your jacket properly as your normal cloth washing. Then hang your jacket for drying. For smell, you can spray scent.

Overweight or light?

Some jackets are overweight and some are lightweight.

Can I wear this jacket anywhere?

No, hunting jacket is not applicable for anywhere and any situation or any environment. You may choose the stylish and good shaped, colored and design jacket that can easily match any of the environment, but it does not mean that you can wear it anywhere.

How to store it?

Before storing you first need to clean your jacket fully and ensure your jacket is fully clean. Do not store your jacket in extremely hot weather as it will break you material long-term. Kept in your jacket at normal temperature with the sealed plastic bag.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing or pick up the good jacket that considers all the factors of your need, then you probably get confused with that situation. Once you have listed down the niche jacket that covers up almost all of your needs and you are able to narrow your choices down, then you are able to purchase the good jacket for you. Although design, color changes rapidly, but you do not worry about that your main requirement almost remains same.


Hunting jacket provides you stay comfortable and nice in any weather. And provide you the best clothing support that you can enjoy your hunting journey. Once you find your right jacket that meets your all needs, you can actually prepare for your next hunting journey.
In the end, you must choose what type of jacket that will provide you the proper protection from rain and wind give you a comfort zone for your hunting and comes available with extra space that you can store all of your important tools. And obviously, you will still have to take your own decision.
I hope that my review will help you to choose the right and well-balanced jackets that will meet your all type of hunting clothing need you planned to engage with. Happy Hunting!